Ishushiy Drakonov’s Adhara is starring in her show career

Ishushiy Drakonov’s Adhara has gotten her first CAC, CACIB and BOB, at the show in Valls in January 2012.

Her half sister Ishushiy Drakonov’s Alizé was right behind her, with EXC2.

We are very happy to hear that and extend our congratulations to their proud owner, Mariano!


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It has been a long time – here are the news!

Well, it has been a long time since we have posted, but here are the news:

Our Faïzabad Floradelys du Joyau des Bois has done very well in the showring this winter.

In Atarfe (Granada) in December 2011, she got the CAC & BOB.

Our Floradelys in Atarfe - CAC & BOB

In Granada this weekend, she got the CAC & BOB on Saturday and on Sunday the CAC, CACIB & BOB.

So, this year has not started too badly regarding shows.

There are still a few young Borzois looking for their families, so without further ado, here they are:

From the Star Litter (Aragon du Grand Fresnoy x Desdemone du Grand Fresnoy)

Ishushiy Drakonov’s Deneb

Ishushiy Drakonov’s Chara

Ishushiy Drakonov’s Mirzam

Ishushiy Drakonov’s Sabik

and last, but not least

Ishushiy Drakonov’s Sirius

From the Storm Litter, the following two males are still available:

Ishushiy Drakonov’s Hurricane

and Ishushiy Drakonov’s Tornado

So, if you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us or just leave a comment here and we will get back to you!



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Adhara has found a new home

Adhara from our Star Litter has arrived today at her new home in Castelldefels near Barcelona.
She is joining her half-sister Alize from our Storm litter there.
Together with an Irish Wolfhound they will be a great team :).
She will attend her first show in Girona in March, together with Alize, who’s got her first show experience last weekend in Zaragozza and qualified Best Puppy!
Thanks Mariano for taking such great care of her and all the best for the future!

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New Photos

We have updated the photos of all the puppies that are still here with us and looking for a new family to have fun with and where they can occupy sofas and beds…..

Of the Star Litter, these are Chara, Deneb, Sabik, Adhara and Mirzam.

In the Storm Litter, Tornado, Hurricane and Monsoon are still looking for a new home to enjoy!

We have also added new pictures to the pages of Elven King, Desdemone, Artemis and Floradelys, as well as for the two puppies that are staying with us, Sirius and Mistral (on the Storm Litter Girls page).

Please click on the names of the dogs in this post to go directly to their pages.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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New pictures and videos

We have added more pictures to the pages of our puppies.

Polaris, Typhoon and Alizé have left for their new homes and Hadar is looking forward to join his new family in Munich (Germany) on Friday.

Many thanks to Marta and Gerard for the new pictures of Typhoon and to Roman for the pictures of Polaris!

There are also new videos of Hurricane, Tornado, Chara and Mirzam.

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New Pictures of both Star and Storm Litters

We have new pictures of the puppies of the Star and Storm Litter.

You can see them under their relevant pages.

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